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Green Energy Services in Pittsburgh & Greensburg, Pennsylvania

If you’re planning to remodel a kitchen or construct a brand new office building, decisions related to your lighting can have long-term impacts on the efficiency of your property. At Pellman Electric Associates LLC, it’s our responsibility to help customers make choices that are environmentally friendly and affordable. We’re always looking for ways to reduce costs and improve customer service.

Commercial and Industrial Auditing

Efficient Home Lighting

If you’re open to changing your light fixtures our experienced crews can perform a quick audit of your building to determine if upgrades to your lights would be a benefit. Changing to LED or CFL often comes with tax benefits, so there are even more reasons to make the transition. If you’re concerned about the disruption we’re capable of installing your new lights in almost no time at all.

Interior and exterior lights for your home can consume more energy than you might have realized. Automated lighting helps, but you can have even greater efficiency by installing cutting-edge lighting technology. With green energy solutions, you’ll do more than save money on your electric bill; LED and CFL bulbs last much longer than traditional incandescent bulbs, so you’ll save money on replacement lights in the long term